Expert in tight-tolerance metal machinery

Precision machining of metal parts for extreme, high-pressure environments


Highly specialized in precision manufacturing

Advanced technologies, several decades experience and engineering expertise allow us to manufacture and supply custom or small-batches of precision-machined metal components that withstand extreme conditions.


Precision machining

Precision metal part


Our values

Manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated metal parts
Offering added-value through process engineering
High-end custom solutions
Supplying multinational corporations worldwide
As a long-time manufacturer of high-precision machined parts such as hydraulic assemblies and pump shafts, we have supplied manufacturers in various industries with our products for applications in mining, subsea or energy production among others. We are committed to meeting specific requirements with high-end custom-made components, even in low volume.

Our company

Global supplier of precision-machined metal parts since 1992.

Quality assurance

By keeping tolerances within 0,001 mm, our quality assurance far exceeds ISO standards.

Our partners

Long-time collaborations helping us to deliver high-quality services.

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