The beginnings

Hamptons’ predecessor was founded in 1993, just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the consequent democratic changes in Hungary. The 90’s economic expansion has provided an unprecedented opportunity for the company to grow and enrich its production base gradually with CNC machine tools. The choice of its site was a conscious decision, since Csepel is a historically well-developed industrial part of Budapest. Csepel is the cradle of the Hungarian heavy industry where not only production, but complementary services are also present. All major steel suppliers, logistics companies, heat treatment facilities as well as test labs are operating in close proximity. Today, Hamptons’ main site is still here

Growing clientele

The client base also grown as more and more international clients were served, and the company was changed to Hamptons Ltd. in 2005. It later implemented its integrated production support IT system. Factory Master enabled an immaculate precision in planning, scheduling, and in the overall control of the production process amid increasingly complex business environment. Later, the  the company consolidated the core processes, implemented ISO certification, as well as extended the international clientele.


Hamptons – as we know it today

The next large milestone in Hamptons’ life was a Management Buy-in in 2020. A three-party investor group took full ownership of the company and started a new era with a more agile management style and momentum. Despite the global covid pandemic, the changeover went smoothly without any interruption to the clients. The new owners implemented robust core- and support processes, strengthened the quality measures, and induced regular communication with all clients.

Today Hamptons’ core processes assure swift response to customer enquiries and optimal deliveries of finished products. The ISO 9001 & 14001 as well as 28001 certificates are regularly renewed. Hamptons provides quotations based on drawings or digital models of the required parts, it confirms orders with delivery dates and keeps to it. Hamptons produces complex, turned and milled metal parts that are machined against tight tolerances and finished with smooth surface. Many finished products are surface treated with either chemical blacking, ARCOR® or anodising. Most of Hamptons’ machined parts are supplied to two main customer groups: (i) hydraulic bolt tensioning companies, and (ii) pump manufacturers. Both industries require high precision and perfect execution in machining due to the extreme hydraulic pressure where these parts need to operate (600-800 bar). The testing of prototype parts is often executed at the 1250 – 2500 bar pressure range.


Today, Hampton is a proud supplier of globan companies that excel in their fields, including: