The beginnings

Although Hamptons was founded in 2005, our predecessor had already been active in business since 1993 in a historic industrial area of Budapest called Csepel on a 1500 m2 production site. Originally the company was a steel supplier offering complimentary services.

Growing clientele

As the clientele grew and the company gathered a significant amount of know-how, we recognized that the company had plenty of untapped potential. With the help of some investors, we started focusing on extending our services, machine park and put the quality bar much higher. This is how in 2005 Hamptons was born. We successfully completed the ISO certification process, modernized the site and purchased 5-axis manufacturing centers.

Hamptons – as we know it today

In 2020, we reached another key milestone in our story when the need to further develop our standards arose. We made significant improvements to the quality of our products so that we can serve our customers on a higher level. Of course, enhancing our competences required growing the business further. However, we strongly believe that offering high value-added services is worth investing in.


Today, Hampton is a proud supplier of globan companies that excel in their fields, including: