Surface Treatment

Finishing services for precision machined components

To avoid corrosion and assure durability of parts, we offer several surface treatment services in addition to precision machining offered by our supplier network. In case of parts made of other than stainless steel, the self-colour material needs some kind of surface finishing to prevent corrosion such as nitriding or chemical blackening.

Knowing that the surface of the material exhibits different characteristics from its interior, we take mating surfaces into consideration when choosing the right surface finish technology.

We can accommodate a variety of special needs from extreme hardness to acid resistance thanks to our established supplier network. Surface finishes only on a given part/side of the component are also feasible.

Solutions offered

Nitriding of precision machined metal parts

During nitriding, nitrogen is diffused into the surface layer of the material, creating a hardened surface while the part retains its shape and size well.

We offer ARCOR® salt bath nitriding to create hard, but ductile surfaces ideal for surface mating. ARCOR® is a micro-layer that aids the running-in of components.

Chemical blackening of metal components

Chemical blackening offers mild corrosion resistance at a minimal buildup which we take into account when manufacturing parts.

Anodizing of aluminum

Anodizing is an electrochemical surface treatment meant to increase the natural oxide layer when the aluminum surface comes in contact with oxygen, protecting it against corrosion and improving aesthetic qualities.

Benefits of choosing Hamptons

Solutions designed for parts in close contact

Mating surfaces

Precise calculation of buildup, assuring tight tolerances

Tight fit

Accommodating a wide range of needs thanks to our supplier network

Specialized treatments


Complex geometries

Complex geometries

Offering surface treatments also only for a given side/part of the component.

Surface finishing

Surface finishing

Nitriding, chemical blackening and other specialized surface treatments.

File formats

File formats

Accepting any frequently used CAD / STEP files.

Production volume

Production volume

Available for any batch size.

Maximum dimensions

Maximum dimensions

No maximum dimensions applicable.